Become An Expert In Driving Additional Revenue For Your Brand With Email & SMS Marketing

3-Month Email Mentorship Program

A 12-week program designed to train DTC brand owners (or their marketing teams) on the most effective email and SMS marketing strategies to drive more sales and increase CLTV. Members who take full advantage of the resources provided will graduate with skillsets, connections, and resources that will serve them for a lifetime.

It’s 2023.

It’s Time To Invest In Your #1 Revenue Channels: Email & SMS

New marketing channels are fun but they’re not your most reliable or most profitable. That spot is still reserved for your email marketing channel.

How do we know this? After working with over 200 brands, we’ve seen this to be true every single time. And when paired with SMS, things get even better.

We’ve seen 6-figure brand owners take home more profits than 8-figure brand owners – because they prioritized their email marketing channel. That says everything you need to know about the importance of email marketing. Yes, even in 2023.

Convert 5x More Customers

Emails convert 5x more customers than with ads alone.

Re-marketing to your your owned audience (your list) costs a fraction of what it costs to run re-targeting ads.

In other words, email & SMS maximize your advertising efforts.

25%+ Increase In Profitability

A 5% increase in retention correlates to a 25% increase in profitability.

And it costs 5x more to gain a new customer than to retain an existing customer.

Repeat purchases driven through email & SMS are your bread and butter.

Your #1 Revenue Channels

60% of consumers want to have conversations via text and 75% want to receive special offers via text.

With 98%+ open rates and higher CTR’s than email – it can quickly become a top revenue channel.

Combine email & SMS to drive 40%+ of your total store’s revenue.

Who This Is For:

(Hint: anyone with an eCom brand)

Get Trained On “Email”

Become An Expert In Driving More Sales

The way we see it, if you want to scale your brand profitably, then you cannot afford to neglect your most profitable marketing channels. But you do have a choice in how you choose to scale them. You can either do it yourself, hire in-house, or outsource the work to an agency, like ours.

We created a 3-Month Email Mentorship for the brand owners that want to do it themselves (or provide the best training for their team).

Because we get it. Not every brand owner is comfortable putting their trust into an agency. Plus it pays to become an expert at your own brand.

With the best trainings, resources, coaching, and community – think of this program as the University of Email & SMS Marketing – and by the time you graduate, you could have already 10x’d (or more) your tuition.

Get Results Like These

90 day results

28% of Total Store Revenue

$236,905 = Email Revenue In 90 Days!

57% of Total Store Revenue

$168,435 = Email Revenue In 90 Days!

22% of Total Store Revenue

$205,804 = Email Revenue In 90 Days!

What’s Included:

Everything you need without the fluff. This program is designed to help you start scaling your brand from Day 1.

90-Day Mentorship

A customized coaching approach that is tailored to the current state of your business, your level of expertise, and ultimately, the goals you have for your brand. You’ll work with a team of experienced marketers who have generated over $50M in email & SMS revenue.

Advanced Course Material

This ‘straight-to-the-point’ course is designed to take beginners to advanced in very little time – containing everything you need to maximize your email & SMS marketing channels, without the extra fluff:

Custom 'Plan-Of-Action'

Every brand is different. To ensure the best, and quickest path to success – our team will work with you to develop a 90 day ‘plan-of-action’ so you can begin to optimize your most profitable sales channels, faster.


Surround yourself with like-minded DTC brand owners and marketing geniuses who all have the same goals in mind.

Our Approach

That We’ll Train You On

Step 1: Let’s fix the fundamentals

Subscriber acquisition:

30-50% of your email/sms revenue can come from your new-subscriber welcome series when done right. This is why we prioritize building high-converting pop-ups that feed new subscribers into this money-making machine.

Email deliverability:

The best strategy, best copy, and best design won’t matter if your emails are NOT inboxing. Taking care of email deliverability and ensuring healthy open rates is arguably the most crucial aspect of what we do.

Core flows:

Brands that rely heavily on campaign sending to generate their revenue are working too hard to drive sales. We build out core flows that can do the heavy lifting, on repeat.

After performing 500+ brand audits, we see that most brands have major issues to fix here. AKA a lot of opportunity is found within this first step.

Step 2: Building the strategy

Customer research:

Driving sales requires better conversations, which requires a better understanding of who your customers are and what motivates them to buy, over and over again.

Long-term strategy:

Based on your current data, our research, and a lot of experience we’ll craft a strategy that maximizes customer lifetime value. This strategy includes flow optimization, campaign sending, and segmentation.

Customer experience:

We bring this strategy to life with email & SMS designs that look great and convert even better.

The right strategy works like this:
Flows carry the customer journey. Campaigns drive engagement and decisions (decisions, or the lack of, that trigger flows). When everything is working together, driving sales becomes effortless.

Step 3: Scale

Faster results

We build out in-depth A/B tests to find winning variables much faster because you want results in weeks, not months.

Performance tracking:

“Set it and forget it” is not a term we like to use. We build out a strategy, put it to work, and then make data-driven decisions to optimize performance even further.

The fastest path toward scale is paved through testing and optimizing.

This Approach Is...

More Results

(Disclaimer: Brands that don’t do the work won’t achieve these numbers)

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I’m Mike! 👋

I’m Customer Feedback’s director of Email Marketing, and in my career I’ve driven over $50M in email revenue for client brands across various industries.

Growing up I had dreams of becoming a doctor and got into email marketing by accident. But after consulting with over 200+ DTC brands ranging from start-ups to 9-figures, I like to call myself the “email doctor”.

I help brands diagnose issues, provide the necessary medical attention, and watch as their brand flourishes.

Metaphors aside, your email marketing team is just as valuable as your customer acquisition team (if not more important). They spend more time engaging with your customers than anyone else and they take care of your brand’s most valuable asset – your list.

Whether your email team is comprised of yourself or others, it pays to provide the necessary tools for them to succeed.

That’s why we created this program. Over the next 3 months, we’ll help you and/or your team become the experts in email & SMS marketing your brand deserves.

Program Recap:

Apply to become an expert at driving more sales for your brand

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