How to Use Specific Images in Amazon for Local Customers

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How to Use Specific Images in Amazon for Local Customers

In this blog post, we will explore why using specific images in your blog posts is essential for engaging readers and boosting your website’s SEO ranking. We will also provide tips on how to find quality images that are free from copyright infringement. Let’s get started!

How Did Image Localization Work Before?

Amazon sellers had to manually upload and update product images to meet the requirements of each Amazon category and marketplace where their products were listed. This meant that sellers had to create and manage multiple image sets, which was tedious and increased the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

Ensure You Meet the Requirements

Moreover, sellers had to ensure that their images met the requirements of each marketplace, including size, inset images files type, zip file name, and image quality. For instance, some marketplaces only accepted ideas in specific measures, while others required high-definition photos to zoom in on product detail.

Follow Copyright Laws

To add to the challenge, sellers had to comply with copyright laws and ensure that their images were free from copyright infringement. This required sellers to carefully review their pictures and ensure they had the rights and permissions to use them on their listings.

Offer Relevant Product Images

Amazon sellers can now streamline the image localization process. These tools automatically detect the location of the buyer and display the most relevant product images for that marketplace. This means sellers no longer have to manage and upload multiple image sets for different marketplaces manually.

Optimize for Every Marketplace

Furthermore, these tools also take care of the requirements of each marketplace, ensuring that the images are of the right size, file extension type, only accepted file types, and quality. This has significantly simplified the process for Amazon sellers, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business.

How Does Amazon Country-Specific Upload Work?

Optimize for Local Potential Customers

With this feature, images uploaded by sellers are automatically localized based on the buyer’s location. This means buyers in different regions will see their location’s most relevant product images.

How Does It Work?

When sellers upload images through their Seller Central account, the country- specific feature automatically detects the location of the buyer’s IP address. It displays the photos that are most relevant for that country. This means sellers no longer have to upload and manage multiple or the same image sets for different marketplaces manually.

What Are the Benefits?

Moreover, Amazon’s called country-specific upload feature ensures that the images meet the specific requirements of each marketplace.

For example, in some markets, images must be of a particular size, while others require high-definition images that can zoom in on product detail. By automatically adjusting the images to meet the specific requirements of each market, sellers can rest assured that their product listings will be optimized for maximum visibility and engagement.

What Are The Benefits of Localizing Your Listings?

Enhance Visibility and Searchability

When your product listings are localized, they are optimized for the target market’s specific language, culture, and trends. This means that buyers searching for products in that market are more likely to find your listings and make a purchase.

Build Trust and Credibility

By showcasing images and descriptions relevant to the local culture and preferences, sellers can demonstrate that they understand the needs and expectations of the target market. This builds trust with buyers and increases the likelihood that they will purchase.

Boost Customer Engagement and Conversions

When buyers see images and descriptions that resonate with them and are tailored to their needs, they are more likely to click on the listing and explore the product further. This increases the likelihood of conversion and ultimately leads to more sales.

Prevent Negative Feedback

When buyers receive products that meet their expectations and match the main images and descriptions in the listing, they are more likely to leave positive feedback and avoid returning the product. This helps build a positive reputation for the seller and increases sales over time.

How to Use the Image Localization Tool?

  1. To begin, sellers must log into their Seller Central account and navigate to the “Product Image” section.
  2. From there, upload images per Amazon guidelines.
  3. Once the images are uploaded, the image localization tool automatically detects the location of the buyer’s IP address and displays the most relevant ideas for that specific region.

Amazon’s Image Requirements

Amazon has strict rules regarding product image size, resolution, format, and quality. It also has guidelines for video size limits.

For example, in the US marketplace, the main product image or cover art must be at least 1000 x 1000 pixels in size, have a pure white background, and the product should take up at least 85% of the image frame. While these guidelines may seem straightforward, several other technical details must be considered, such as file type, maximum file size, and color mode.

Amazon Using a Review Process

To ensure that sellers comply with these requirements, Amazon has implemented an automatic image review process that checks each image for compliance. If an idea fails this review, it will be removed from the listing, or the listing will be suppressed until the issue is resolved. If not resolved quickly, this can significantly impact a seller’s visibility and sales.

Amazon Using Policies

Furthermore, Amazon has strict policies regarding copyright infringement on product images. Only the rightful owner of the main image or a seller who has obtained the necessary rights and permissions can use it. Amazon’s image localization tool also scans images to identify potential copyright issues and alerts sellers if necessary.

How to Add Country-Specific Images on Amazon

To add country-specific images to Amazon, sellers must ensure they have uploaded high-quality product images that meet Amazon’s strict requirements. Once you are done uploading multiple images, the image localization tool will automatically detect a buyer’s location and display the most relevant Amazon images for their region.

Selling can customize their product images to optimize the main image localization tool to appeal to specific geographic markets. For example, they can use images that reflect local customs, styles, foreign text off-putting, or cultural preferences. This can significantly enhance the customer experience, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Sellers can also take advantage of Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) feature, which allows them to create custom images and descriptions specifically designed for specific regions. For instance, a seller may include or add localized pictures of the product used in different areas or with different cultural nuances to help provide a more comprehensive product experience.

Why Should You Localize Your Listings?

1. Reach a wider audience

Localizing your product images makes it easier for buyers in different regions to find and purchase your products. This can help you reach a wider audience, increase your sales potential, and expand your global reach.

2. Enhance your credibility

Using localized images on your Amazon listings can help enhance your credibility and build trust with your target audience. It shows that you take the time and effort to understand your customer’s unique needs and preferences, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and positive reviews.

3. Boost customer engagement

Localization can also help you better engage with your customers by providing them with a more personalized experience. This can be achieved by using high- quality images that reflect local customs, styles, or cultural preferences, making your products more relatable and appealing to your customers.

4. Stand out from the competition

Creating eye-catching images and strategic product descriptions using Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) feature can help you to distinguish your products from those of your competitors. This can help you to stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract more customers to your listings.

5. Ensure compliance with Amazon’s guidelines

By using Amazon’s image localization tool, you can ensure that your accurate images meet Amazon’s strict guidelines regarding size, resolution, file formats, quality, and copyright infringement policies. This can help you to avoid potential issues with your listings and maintain your visibility on the Amazon platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many images can you upload on Amazon?

You can upload more than one image for each SKU product on Amazon. Each image should meet Amazon’s size, resolution, format, and quality requirements.

How do I add variations to my lifestyle photos on Amazon?

You can add variations to your product photos on Amazon using Amazon’s image localization tool. This tool allows you to customize images for different geographic regions and market preferences, such as local customs, styles, or cultural nuances.

What are secondary images in Amazon?

Secondary images on Amazon are additional images sellers can upload localized images for each SKU product. They must meet the exact requirements as primary lifestyle images and typically include other views of the product, lifestyle shots, detailed photos, or different angles.

Wrapping Up

These factors are essential for driving sales and growing a successful business on the platform. So if you want to maximize your potential earnings through Amazon listings, localize your product images today!



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