Find Success in Commerce with Shopify Email Automation and Customer Engagement

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Table of Contents

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A strong strategy for expanding your eCommerce company is an email marketing campaign, but it can be difficult and time-consuming. For this reason, Shopify provides an extensive email automation system that enables you to design and send customized emails to your clients according to their actions and preferences.

With Shopify email, you can automate tasks like upselling products, personalized email, recovering abandoned carts, welcoming new subscribers, and sending newsletters, which may significantly increase sales and foster enduring customer relationships.

Shopify Email Automation: What Is It?

With Shopify automation, you can configure different subscriber triggers using this email marketing tool. The appropriate email is sent out when one of the conditions is satisfied.

Sending the appropriate information to subscribers and current customers in the form of emails at the precise moment when they are most likely to interact is the foundation of email automation, which helps to drive conversions.

For instance, when a customer comes to the store for their first visit and subscribes to receive a discount code for their first purchase, that is an example of email automation because no human involvement is required.

What Are the Types of Shopify Email Marketing Automations?

These are a few automated email workflows that you can use with Shopify email automation to increase customer engagement, sales, and revenue.

Welcome Emails

First-impression emails, such as welcome emails, seal or break a transaction with a new subscriber or customer. Such an automated email from Shopify must explain to the receiver why they are about to receive a treat in the form of information and deals and why they are now a member of the brand’s family.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Cart abandonment can occur for a variety of reasons. Workflows for automated emails that recover abandoned carts encourage these customers to finish the transaction. Only one Shopify automated email or multiples of them may be sent, based on your email strategy and the goods you offer.

You might begin with a straightforward reminder, proceed to provide them with a purchase incentive, or combine everything into a single email.


Anniversaries and birthdays can be used as triggers for email automation. It is not about typical client events. These joyous events can also include the brand reaching a significant milestone, your first anniversary of a transaction with the customer, etc.


Developing lead nurturing email processes is intended for subscribers who consistently express interest in the product or brand but do not complete a purchase. Here, sending out a sequence of automated emails to address their issues and pain points, provide answers, or address their reservations about the transaction is the best course of action.

Re-Engagement Emails

For clients who have not done business with you in more than 30 days. To get them back, automate the email series. It will also assist you in determining if there is a chance to convert and win back those subscribers. If not, you can clear your email list.

Businesses can send them short “Miss You” emails asking for feedback to figure out why they have not been in contact with you or encourage them with an offer to get them back.

Confirmation Emails

There are four methods you can automate your order status emails.

  • Upon placing an order: the first is through an email serves as an order confirmation.
  • Once the order is shipped: the following email is an order-related shipping email.
  • Once the tracking ID is generated: the next one is as a purchase tracking email.
  • When the consumer receives the order: the last email is order-delivered.

What Are Their Benefits?

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A growing number of companies are even using Shopify’s email automation feature for their email correspondence.

Increase Rates

Email automation not only makes the shopping experience more personalized, but it also increases customer retention rates by sending emails when a cart is abandoned, cross-selling products that are relevant to recently seen or purchased items, and notifying customers of new products.

Send Relevant Messages

Customizing parameters like company name, name of the client, etc. with email automation enables you to leverage your automated emails to boost sales. In particular, when it comes to product recommendations, dynamic modules are a useful tool for personalizing your automated emails.


Transaction emails provide relevant information that a client or subscriber might expect to receive following the completion of a certain task on their end.

Shopify email automation is triggered by certain website actions taken by subscribers or visitors, such as obtaining an e-guide, making a purchase, or looking at a particular category of products. You may effectively use transactional automated emails with Shopify automation, keeping your message relevant to those triggers.

Synchronizes Emails With Customer Purchases

You may send customers emails depending on their experience with your business and their current stage by using email automation.

Sending Shopify automatic emails will assist you in sending an email at the appropriate moment to remind the consumer and provide a link for a repeat purchase.

It serves as a buy for you and an opportunity for the customer. Because customers will know they have an enterprise that will take care of their purchasing cycle, it also helps build customer loyalty.

Engagement Via Drip Campaigns

Anything, such as frequently asked questions, brand details, accomplishments, demos, etc., that speaks to the recipient’s pain areas and moves them closer to making a purchase.

But you have to take your time doing this. It implies that every value-add should appear as a distinct Shopify automated email and adapt based on the recipient’s behavior. Usually referred to as dripping email campaigns, the objective is to maintain the subscriber’s interest in the brand.

Email Automation Tools for Creating Shopify Automated Emails

The Shopify App Store offers an extensive selection of email automation solutions.


One of the best email automation solutions is Omnisend, which offers affordable prices and a variety of templates for creating customized emails. Moreover, you may create distinctive email journeys and target the appropriate demographic by segmenting your customer base.

With its immediate dashboards and clickable maps for campaign performance analysis, Omnisend offers comprehensive customer analytics. Furthermore, Omnisend is a tool that Alloy closely collaborates with, allowing you to effortlessly sync information from your other applications into Omnisend and develop customized automated processes.


With the help of Klaviyo, growth-oriented organizations may generate pertinent automated emails for win-backs, abandoned carts, and order follow-ups.

This sophisticated email automation tool comes with cutting-edge capabilities like social media platform integration and consumer segmentation. Email rules can be tailored by brands based on many factors, such as purchase history, audience place of residence, order value, and more.

Creating email templates, registration forms, automated workflows, and other tasks with Klaviyo’s drag-and-drop automation builder is one of the platform’s biggest benefits. Pop-ups and SMS are also supported.


Several email patterns, including welcome message sequences, reminder messages, and abandoned cart sequences, can be automated with Mailchimp. A drag-and-drop editor and aesthetically pleasing email templates are also provided by the program.

Up to 10,000 emails can be sent to 2,000 clients using the free plan. To comprehend the needs of its customers, MailChimp provides extensive reporting that includes social media integration and Google Analytics.


Privy is a fantastic engagement tool that focuses on enhancing connections with customers. Likewise, by focusing on leads, you may use the customization possibilities to enhance your marketing campaigns.

You can insert the text and graphics in the drag-and-drop builder to create the email layout you want. You can also alter any of the hundreds of pre-made email templates that are accessible.

Privy has an amazing tracking engine called audience targeting, which analyzes visitors according to the specifications of a specific email campaign.

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What Is Your Email Automation Strategy?

You will need a mailing list to send your emails to and an Email Service Provider (ESP) with automation tools (like Klaviyo, Shopify Email, and MailChimp) to construct automated email sequences. 

Once you have these two things set up, you can create email sequences that start when certain actions happen, such as making purchases, subscribing to newsletters, leaving carts empty, and more. 

How Often Should Automated Emails Be Sent?

It varies. As soon as a purchase is made, you should immediately send transactional emails and, if necessary, any updates on track. When it comes to marketing-based emails, you should bear in mind that sending too many in a short amount of time can irritate and turn off your clients, while sending too few will cause them to forget about you.

Is There a Distinction Between Broadcast Emails and Automated Emails?

To boost sales and foster customer loyalty, e-commerce businesses send emails to both current and future consumers; however, automated emails and broadcast emails are not the same.

A large number of clients are reached at once using broadcast emails. You can share your whole list or just some parts of it. Broadcasting a significant message on a specific day and time is the aim. To inform all of your present customers, for instance, about the debut of a new product, you would schedule a broadcast email for the day of the event.

Customized trigger parameters, or subscriber actions, are applied to automated email marketing.


Increasing eCommerce sales and customer loyalty with Shopify automation is a clever and simple strategy. The correct customers can receive beautifully designed emails at the right time, all of which complement your brand.

To improve the effectiveness of your email marketing, you may also monitor, assess, and quantify its success. You can develop your online business and save money, time, and frustration by using Shopify email automation.




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