Shopify Success: Unlocking the Potential of Abandoned Cart Emails

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Shopify abandoned cart emails are an effective marketing tactic that boosts conversion rates and helps you make up for lost purchases. Customers who leave your store before finishing their purchase receive this email automatically. The email prompts customers to return and complete their order by reminding them of the items they left behind.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to set up Shopify’s abandoned cart email feature and provide some best practices and motivational examples.

What’s An Abandoned Cart?

When customers add items to their shopping carts but exit the website before checking out, their carts are abandoned. Shopping cart abandonment can occur for some reasons, including poor user experience, a difficult checkout procedure, slow page speed, better deals at other businesses, and more.

What’s a Shopify Abandoned Cart Email?

Consumers who placed products in their online shopping carts but did not finish the checkout process will receive Shopify abandoned cart emails. Customers are urged to finish the purchase by reading this email, which serves as a reminder of the products that were abandoned.

A list of abandoned items, a personalized message, and a call-to-action button to finish the checkout process include in the email. In an online store, this kind of email marketing can assist boost sales and lower the number of abandoned carts.

The goal of the Shopify abandoned cart email is to persuade customers to finish their purchases by assisting them in resolving the issues that prevented them from completing the checkout process.

Best Practices About Abandoned Cart Email

To Maintain Customer Interest, Send Emails

To encourage customers’ action over a few days, more than one Shopify abandoned cart email needs to be sent as part of a cart recovery campaign. The shopping cart recovery campaign needs to include the following email templates:

  1. Send a cart reminder a few hours after the cart was abandoned
  2. Send a follow-up after 24 hours
  3. Send the promotional discount a few days after, following email number two.

Add an Eye-Catching Subject Line

Opening the Shopify abandoned cart email immediately as it arrives is essential. Put the phrase “fear of missing out” in the topic line to make it happen. Businesses can use these subject phrases to persuade clients to read their emails, or they can be more inventive by luring them with an incentive like a promotion, free delivery, or offer.

For example:

  • Do not forget to use your $15 discount on $90, “Company Name.”
  • Hello “Customer Name”, I hope you enjoy your discounted shopping!
  • Continue shopping if you are still interested in this item.

Inform Them of the Items They Have Left Behind

Include images of the merchandise they abandoned in their carts to persuade them to act and go back to the Shopify store. Utilize this to improve the emails’ visual appeal and reflect the feelings of the recipients.

Do not forget to provide information on the product so the recipient can explore more possibilities without leaving the email, such as the price, color, additional designs, and even related suggestions.

Create a Compelling Copy

The finest Shopify abandoned cart emails goal is to establish a personal connection with your customers and persuade them to visit and shop at your business. The way you speak should be friendly and conversational to convey that you worry about the shoppers. Writing a piece on:

  • Customer purchases should be disclosed
  • Instill an impression of urgency about completing the transaction
  • Satisfied with their purchase

Call to Action

Include a CTA that is obvious in your copy. It is one thing to persuade people to open your Shopify abandoned cart emails, but you also need a strategy to turn that interest into action. Some examples include

  • To access the cart, click here
  • Purchase my product 
  • Finish the transaction. 
  • Continually shop 
  • Watch cart 
  • Include a QR code in your email

Utilize Social Proofs to Establish an Impression of Urgency

Before making a purchase, customers examine product reviews and testimonials. In your Shopify abandoned cart email, you should thus include one. They can better comprehend what other consumers think thanks to social proof, and you will have a good chance of attracting customers back to complete their transaction.

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Why Use Abandoned Cart Emails in Shopify?

Automated reminders called “abandoned cart emails” are delivered to these clients to remind them of the things they abandoned and nudge them to finish their purchases. With Shopify’s abandoned cart emails, you can:

Recover Lost Sales

By alerting customers of the things they left behind and offering motivation to finish their purchases, abandoned cart emails can aid in the recovery of lost sales.

Increase Engagement

You can forge closer ties with your consumers and entice them to visit your website by delivering customized and promptly sent abandoned cart emails.

Improve Experience

Customers can tell that you concern about their website experience if they receive emails about abandoned carts. You may increase client happiness and loyalty by providing support or assistance.

Boost Sales

Through abandoned cart emails, you can raise your company’s profitability and overall income by recovering lost transactions.

Simple to Set Up

Within Shopify, abandoned cart emails are simple to set up. You may quickly and easily construct a customized and successful abandoned cart email campaign with automated email marketing solutions.

Examine Consumer Behavior

You may see trends and chances for enhancing the website or sales process by keeping track of abandoned carts and studying consumer behavior.

Apps for Recovering Abandoned Carts Emails on Your Shopify Store


A one-stop Shopify email marketing tool called BayEngage can help you expand your online store. It is brimming with tools that help you improve your campaigns and boost sales, like automatic cart abandonment emails and A/B testing.

Template Emails

You can utilize one of our 60+ pre-made Shopify abandoned cart themes or develop your email templates from scratch.


Create programs that deliver email automation at predetermined intervals or in response to specific circumstances.


Monitor the open and participation rates for all of them to determine which ones are succeeding and which require improvement.

Sophisticated Segmentation

To target your clients with individualized material at the ideal time, you can also utilize it to divide your customer base depending on their actions and interests.

SMS Advertising

When your customers leave their carts unattended, you may set up a prompted SMS campaign to give them an offer on their phones.


Visitors can be persuaded to purchase by offering them a gift or a discount voucher in an exit-intent pop-up.


The easiest Shopify add-on for monitoring abandoned shopping carts is this one. It includes editable and storable Shopify abandoned cart email templates. Once a customer abandons their shopping, you may configure the emails to send follow-up emails automatically.


If you are concerned about receiving recovery emails, this abandoned cart Shopify app is a good choice. The aspects of this software that stand out the most and are most attractive are email recovery and Facebook messaging for customers.


The abandoned shopping carts are kept as draught orders. You have an arrangement in place that enables clients to come back to your store to complete their orders and make things easy for them.


Customers can get automatic Shopify email notifications if they abandon their carts with this app. Consumers will be motivated to purchase your product as a result of the quick checkout method.

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Are Shopify’s Abandoned Cart Emails Effective?

Shopify’s abandoned cart recovery emails can indeed help you recoup lost sales. When customers add products to the cart but do not finish the process, abandoned checkout emails are sent. With Shopify’s abandoned cart recovery email tool, you can send a customer an email reminding them of the stuff they have in their cart and urging them to finish the transaction.

What Information Do I Need in My Shopify Email Cart Abandonment?

An email sent to customers who have abandoned their shopping cart should have a catchy subject line, a message reminding them of their abandoned cart, an invitation to action to finish their purchase, and a special discount or offer to entice them to return and finish their purchase.

How Can I Make My Email About Abandoned Carts Better?

Ensure your abandoned cart email is unique and pertinent to the consumer to improve it. It should also have a strong call to action, enticing product photos, and a personalized discount or offer to encourage them to finish their purchase. Furthermore, you may test various email designs, content, and subject lines to determine what resonates with your audience the most.

How Can I Minimize Shopify Cart Abandonment?

Provide shipping for free or a gift with buying, maximize the checkout procedure to make it quick and simple for consumers to finish their purchase, employ exit-intent pop-ups and email record forms to collect contact data from customers, and then send tailored abandoned checkout recovery messages using cart abandonment on Shopify to minimize.


You may set up your own abandoned cart email campaign and start recovering more purchases by using the instructions and advice in this article. To convince your customers to finish their transaction, always utilize an attention-grabbing subject line, a clear call to action, and a sense of urgency.

To sweeten the purchase, you can also provide savings, free shipping, or other benefits. Don’t let your potential clients pass you by. Send Shopify abandoned cart emails right away to see the impact it has on your company.




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