Boost Your Credibility: Adding Testimonials to Your Shopify Store

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Table of Contents

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They are an excellent marketing strategy that can increase sales and credibility for your Shopify store. They demonstrate to potential customers how pleased your present or past clients are with your goods or services. However, what is the best way to add customer testimonials to your Shopify store? Depending on your needs and tastes, there are different ways of doing it. In this post, we will show the simplest way to include them in Shopify, using some methods.

What is a Shopify Testimonial?

A review and a testimonial are comparable but not the same. A testimonial discusses your company, services, and whole eCommerce experience rather than a specific product.

A textual declaration gives the knowledge and reliability of your brand or anything admirable about the company, such as its first-rate customer service or premium goods.

From a prior or present consumer, enhancing the message’s potency and demonstrating the worth and caliber of your goods.

Something intended to boost your company’s reputation (social proof) at first glance It demonstrates that other people believe in your company and its goods, providing potential customers with the assurance to purchase.

A Testimonial Slider: What Is It?

It is a plugin that enables users to display complimentary comments or feedback from customers on their websites. They frequently allow you to display multiple testimonials in a rolling carousel, making it easy for visitors to navigate through the reviews.

Furthermore, numerous plugins for testimonial sliders offer additional features like organizing testimonials by topic or item or displaying them in a pop-up lightbox. Once how to display evidence of credibility on your website is decided.

How Do You Add Testimonials to Your Shopify Store?

There are no plugins or specialized technologies required to incorporate testimonials. Since testimonials chose by hand, we advise including them on your page as text boxes.

With Profile Images

The most basic way to use testimonials is to include text boxes with them on your website. For instance, Signature Edits developed a straightforward three-column panel to display client testimonials.

We advise including a profile picture as well as the full names of your clients. Each testimonial appears much more intimate as a result. While using an actual photograph here is ideal, many retailers utilize stock photography to attract customers.

Text Boxes

First, enter the Shopify Dashboard and select Your Online Store from the left-hand sidebar’s sales channels section. Check at the Present Theme area after choosing Themes and select Customize.

The theme editor will launch. As a result, static items on the shop edits here.

Locate the area of your homepage where you want to include the testimonials panel by scrolling down. “Add Section” click on the section’s border. We will choose “Multicolumn”.

From this point, you can change the details in each column to include them as you see fit.

Testimonial Page

Click on your Online Store on the left-hand side of the Shopify dashboard. To view the current pages on your website, select Pages. To create a new page, click Add Page.

Set the page’s title and SEO information. Include a name and a clear meta description. Then press save. Click the pop-up to add the current page to the store’s navigation.

To change the navigation on your website, click the main menu. Testimonials can be found in the list of pages when you click to add a menu item. 

Let’s go back to the design editor now. Return to the dashboard and select Your Online Store > Shopify Themes. Press customize once more.

We build a new section once the appropriate page has been chosen. We advise giving a brief introduction and segmenting out the testimonials section.

Testimonial Slider

Using a testimonial slider plugin is a terrific method to display numerous testimonials on your homepage without taking up a lot of room.

Custom widgets are available for displaying testimonials, such as Reputon’s Testimonials app. You may include Sliders, video feedback, review star counts, and more with their help.

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How to Change and Personalize Shopify Testimonials

Due to Shopify’s most recent policy changes, it permits apps to modify the checkout page.

You may also alter your checkout pages if you had widgets running before the changes, are a Shopify Plus seller, or Shopify has unlocked this for you. This widget will often only function on the cart page.


Select which page(s) you want the testimonials to appear on—in this case, the shopping cart page. Create rules to specify where to display them depending on particular URLs or titles, using the “Location on page” selector.


You can select what to display in the shop’s testimonial popups on the cart page. Likewise, add information on a customer, including their name, image, location, and rating, and also include an URL to the review and any remarks they have made.


Use the ‘Design’ tab, and change the text’s color, orientation, style, and weight.


You may customize the motion of the notification popup under the “Behavior” tab. You get to choose how it comes in, how it goes out, and how much it is displayed. If you wish to alter anything more complex, your engineers should use the ‘Custom JavaScript editor.


You can choose whether or not to display your Shopify testimonial on the cart page using this option. When to display testimonials can be controlled by setting some triggers and criteria. Enable the schedule of the testimonies and choose the start and end dates and times.

What Distinguishes Testimonials From Reviews?

Add reviews and testimonials both display sincere perspectives about your goods and services from actual clients.

  • Review statements concerning your goods are typically briefer and clear. If necessary, testimonials may be extended. In general, excerpts from an extensive testimonial are chosen and then used in promotional materials or on a store website. 
  • Whereas testimonials are typically obtained by sellers themselves, reviews are gathered by a third-party source, including plugins like Product Reviews from Shopify.
  • Businesses should not pick and choose which reviews appear on the Shopify product pages. However, businesses choose which customer reviews to display.
  • A review’s score or rating of stars is what determines how important a review is. As an alternative, testimonials are helpful for the keywords and statements. 
  • On product pages, reviews are usually always available. Although testimonials can be found on pages, they are most seen on home pages or specific pages.
  • A store might only choose a few reviews, but it would prefer hundreds or even thousands of them.

The Best Shopify Testimonial Slider Apps


Add testimonials to Shopify stores and introduce them to attract your visitors. Each testimonial may include a photo, a person’s name, and position. This way, customers can identify who left the comment.


It is the best method for increasing the number of online, social, and Etsy reviews for your business. With these easy yet powerful strategies, you can increase the number of 5-star reviews you receive and add testimonials to Shopify, which will improve your site’s click-through rate, conversion rate, and search engine ranking.


It offers a range of features like slider speed control, mobile responsiveness, and the ability to add words and links to the slides in the Shopify store or other websites. It makes it a versatile tool for creating visually appealing presentations.


Developing and managing banner sliders is a straightforward process. This is a popular way to add testimonials on Shopify. With over 40 different types of sliders available, you can customize your banners to suit your requirements. Additionally, you can include movies in your slider for enhanced effects.

POWR’s product image slider carousel is a highly effective testimonial add-on for Shopify sites. The carousel provides a variety of customizable options, such as a selection of either a slider or a carousel mode, as well as a selection of transition styles.

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How do You Add a Testimonial Slider to Shopify?

It is a fantastic method to highlight your happy customers and win over prospective new ones by being added to your Shopify store. We’ve set together a quick tutorial to assist you because there are various approaches you can take to add something to your website. You must first choose the type of testimonial slider you’d like to include in your store.

How Can Companies Leverage Customer Reviews to Boost Conversion Rates?

To enhance conversions, testimonials can be carefully positioned throughout a Shopify site. For instance, posting customer reviews on a goods page can draw attention to the advantages of a certain item. 

To highlight the positive experiences of their satisfied clients, testimonials can also be displayed on the main page or in a particular area of the website. As a result, this will assist potential customers in getting beyond any reservations about making a purchase.

Why Customer Testimonials Are Crucial for a Shopify Business?

Testimonials can show potential customers that your goods or services are worthwhile investments. Customers are more prone to believe the opinions of people who are similar to them than those of company representatives. 

Furthermore, your Shopify website can help you win over the trust of potential consumers and persuade them to make a purchase.

How to Gather Testimonials From Customers for Your Shopify Store?

You can use a variety of techniques to efficiently collect testimonials. One strategy is to speak with clients personally and ask for their opinions. This procedure can be made more efficient by employing tools for feedback gathering or by sending personalized emails.

Customers can be encouraged to post reviews by providing incentives like free goods or discounts as compensation for their frank opinions. Finally, think about using social media channels, where users frequently spontaneously share their experiences.


Testimonials are a powerful way to increase your credibility and sales on Shopify. Show potential customers that others trust and love your product or service. Adding customer testimonials to your Shopify store is easy and can be done in many ways.

You can display testimonials on your homepage, product pages, or any other page using Shopify apps, third-party widgets, or code snippets. You can also customize testimonials to match your brand and style. Adding customer testimonials to your Shopify store can increase rates, customer loyalty, and social proof.

Testimonials are one of the best marketing tools to grow your Shopify business! 




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