Step-by-Step Guide: How to Add Reviews on Shopify

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Table of Contents

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On Shopify, reviews are an effective approach to increasing your sales and trustworthiness. More than any advertisement or marketing strategy, buyers trust the views of other customers. Based on the feedback you get from reviews, you can make improvements to your products and services.

However, how can you include reviews in your Shopify store? You must complete a few steps to make this feature available on your website. This post will demonstrate how to add reviews to Shopify utilizing the free and user-friendly Product Review app, which helps you gather and display customer feedback. 

What Is Shopify?

It is a full-featured eCommerce platform that enables you to launch, develop, and run a business. Shopify merchants may create a cutting-edge store and sell through email, SMS, chat, vendor marketplaces, additional blogs and websites, and social media platforms.

What Are the Benefits of Product Reviews?

You can demonstrate to prospective clients that other consumers have purchased already from you and had positive experiences when you post feedback about your goods to your Shopify Store. It will reassure them that they will have a positive experience because other customers have endorsed your company.

Product Reviews Boost Conversion Rates

When a customer sees that others have bought the goods and enjoyed them, they will perceive buying it as low risk since they anticipate a similar experience.

Now, if a customer wants to purchase a product for which there are no reviews on your Shopify, they may perceive it as unsafe and not want to be the first to test it out.

Several consumers will want to purchase what others are buying when you include product reviews on your product pages, which will help you increase your conversion rate.

Customer Reviews Promote Credibility

Putting your customer testimonials on display will help you gain the trust of both new and returning consumers.

It supports the idea that you are a reliable brand to see that others have bought your products and that their submitted photo review reflects the product photos. Your customers will be confident in your ability to deliver on your promises and eager to work with you.

Consumer-Generated Content Includes Product Reviews

User-generated content serves as an additional marketing channel for your company. To assist showcase your products in a fresh way, prospective consumers are going to able to read evaluations from real individuals and view their posted photo and video reviews.

The addition of product reviews will elevate your brand because they are an inevitable part of the product description.

Product Reviews Assist With Improving Your Google Ranking

Because reviews authenticate your store, the more you have, the better your chances are of ranking higher on Google. Utilize customer reviews to make your business a top Google search result, which will help it grow.

Step by Step to Add Product Reviews to Your Shopify Store

To add feedback from customers to your store, you will need a Shopify product review app. You can add reviews from customers to your products using these applications, and the app store for Shopify offers a variety of choices.

Choose the Product Reviews app for a straightforward and cost-free product review option for your Shopify store. Here is an explanation of how to download and use it.

1. Use your email address and password to log into your Shopify account.

2. To find the “product reviews,” use the search bar on the website’s left side and select “Apps” from the “Online Store” section.

3. Shopify offers Product Reviews on a freeway.

4. When you select the free option and click the “Add app” button, you are taken to the screen below. On the installing page, click “Install app” in the upper right corner.

5. You should select the “Online Store” selection after installing the app to discover “Themes” there. To “customize” the themes, you must view them first.

6. You may access your website’s theme editor by selecting “Customize” from the menu.

7. You Select “Add section” after swiping down the page.

8. To add the reviews section, then select “Reviews” from the list of “Apps.”

9. You can observe the content you add before “the Footer,” but you can afterward reorder it as you see fit.

Note: Furthermore, you may add the star rating section by selecting “Add block” from the drop-down menu.

10. You can add reviews or star ratings adjacent to the product image by selecting “add block” under “Product information” to modify the product page.

Note: To make it better for consumers to see, you can move up or down the list.

Finally, your product page will be prepared to receive client reviews.

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Top Shopify Product Review Applications


The free review tool makes it easier for online store owners to collect, show, and transfer reviews from other websites.

Comments from CSV databases and other internet pages, most notably Ali reviews, can be imported into this software.

Shopify: Product Reviews

It is an additional free review of the Shopify app store for merchants. Keep in mind that the Shopify Reviews app is rather basic. In general, this feedback app is adequate and enables you to get more Shopify evaluations and efficiently show them.

It is a review app that enables you to seek reviews from satisfied customers, implement product reviews, and produce product review scores.

The free plan enables you to gather user feedback and product review ratings. You can provide clients with points for loyalty and coupons if you switch to a paid service for $15 monthly.


Using this fantastic product review tool, you can add product reviews to your store. For $9.99 per month, the app offers several great review request features, including request messages, notifications, and coupons to be exchanged for Shopify reviews.


Another free piece of software for reviews is available for your online store.

One of the original review apps for Shopify is Yotpo, which allows users to display comments on their store. The price model also considers the features you want to utilize, ensuring that you only pay for what you require.


Although it is a relatively recent addition to the Shopify review applications market, it has swiftly risen to the top, at $9 monthly.

Real Shopper authentication badges, a response to reviews tool (helpful when you require an apology for negative reviews), and video and photo reviews are just a few of Fera’s advantageous features.


It is a widget that aids in gathering more user feedback and content from platforms like Shopify. For $19 per month, Junip offers many helpful connectors, including the ability to link it to email marketing solutions like Klaviyo and Drip.

How Can I Obtain More Reviews on Shopify Products?

Sending Review Request Notifications at the Appropriate Time

It is crucial to apply conditions correctly while adding reviews to Shopify and tailoring your content campaign. You have the option to decide how the request is going to be made for ongoing campaigns. It is crucial because you want to give the buyer enough time to acquire and use the product.

Simply choose how many days after the purchase has been generated or fulfilled you want to deliver the request.


You can offer three distinct forms of incentives to your clients in return for their reviews.

  • Offering money will increase the number of review submissions you receive.
  • Building a base of brand-loyal customers is easy with loyalty points.
  • Customers will be more likely to return to your store if you provide a discount.


Consider generating a reminder email if you find some users who have clicked on the request but have not left a review.

One can target those particular clients with an email reminding them to ask for reviews once more despite remaining able to provide identical incentives and other campaign-related elements.

How to Handle Negative Reviews

It is tempting to assume that once the reviews start coming in, they will all be great, but you might run into some negative ones. Instead of being demoralized by them, try to see them as a teaching opportunity.

What to do:

  • Reply to the reviewer (in a public or private forum)
  • Offer a remedy

What not to do:

  • Anger-driven responses
  • Disclose private information

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Which Shopify Apps Are the Best for Adding Product Reviews?

For your Shopify store to include the product review feature, you may choose from a variety of free and paid apps., Loox,, Yotpo, and Product Reviews are a few of the most well-liked applications.

Who Has Access to Reviews?

Because Shopify has an auto-publishing capability, anyone may post reviews. To make changes, go to your admin panel, open the Product Reviews app, and select “Disabled” under the “Auto-publish” heading. As a result, you have control over the reviews.

How Do I Remove Disfavored Shopify Reviews?

It is really easy. You may control this procedure as the owner of a Shopify store using the Shopify admin interface. Open the Product app on your Shopify administrator dashboard to get started. After that, you can delete the unwanted review by clicking the Reviews page.


A significant strategy to grow your sales, establish more trust, and enhance customer satisfaction is by adding reviews to your Shopify store. Reviews also enable you to gather insightful customer feedback that you can use to enhance your goods and services.

They affect your SEO ranking since they give your website new, pertinent material. You can add reviews to Shopify using a variety of tools and review widgets that integrate with your store and make it simple to gather, show, and manage reviews.




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