Does Amazon Delete Helpful Votes?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Does Amazon Delete Helpful Votes?

In this blog post, we will examine why Amazon has a system for deleting helpful votes, how it works, and what happens when someone tries to abuse the system.

What’s the Relationship Between Amazon Helpful Votes and Review Ranking?

The more helpful Amazon review votes that a review link receives, the higher it will appear in the ranking system for that particular product. This is due to Amazon’s algorithms recognizing that users find value in this review and deem it worthy of being seen by other potential buyers.

Amazon Algorithms

The algorithm looks at how many total reviews a product has and how many Amazon review helpful votes each review has received, then assigns an overall score based on these numbers.

This is why it’s essential to pay attention to your reviews and encourage others to leave reviews for your products – having good ratings can help boost your product’s visibility on the platform.

Use a Mix of Customer Reviews

However, it’s not just beneficial to have positive reviews with lots of helpful votes – Amazon also considers negative reviews and their respective voting tallies when calculating its ranking score.

So while you should strive to get positive ratings, it’s also important to be aware of any negative feedback you may receive so you can address any issues quickly and appropriately.

Upvotes on Negative Reviews Where User Error Occurs

When it comes to Amazon’s helpful votes, there is one situation where upvotes on negative reviews can be beneficial: when user error is the cause of the issue.

Scenario #1

If a customer has an issue with their product or service and leaves a negative review, but the problem was caused by not understanding how to use the product correctly, an upvote can be beneficial.

Scenario #2

By showing that most customers agree that this review is valid and accurate, other potential buyers will recognize that it’s not necessarily indicative of an underlying problem with the product itself. This can reduce any stigma associated with leaving a negative review and encourage more customers to leave honest feedback about their positive and negative experiences.

Scenario #3

It also serves as a reminder for sellers to provide clear instructions and guidance for using their products so users don’t make mistakes. By doing this, they can help ensure reviews remain positive and avoid potential issues stemming from customer confusion or misunderstanding of how something works.

Does Amazon Ever Delete Reviews?

Amazon does have the ability to delete reviews, though they rarely do so. The company reserves this right only in cases of clear abuse or manipulation, such as when reviews are spam, include offensive language, or are false. In addition, Amazon may also delete reviews from sellers or vendors attempting to manipulate rankings by using deceptive tactics.

How Does Amazon Delete Reviews?

When Amazon decides to delete a review, it is usually done without notifying the author. It will often result in the removal of both positive and negative feedback for that particular product on the platform. This can be highly damaging to sellers, as potential buyers may assume there were more negative reviews than there were and choose another product instead.

How to Prevent Your Reviews From Getting Deleted?

  • To avoid having reviews deleted from Amazon, sellers should focus on offering quality products with accurate descriptions and respond quickly to customer questions or complaints before leaving a review.
  • They should ensure all customer interactions are polite and professional at all times to ensure their reviews remain credible and trustworthy.

What is the Reason for Helpful Votes from Reviews Keep Decreasing?

Social Media Platforms

Twitter and Facebook allow customers to easily share negative experiences with products, creating a much larger audience than what can usually be reached through reviews on Amazon.

Discounted Offers

Another reason behind the decrease in helpful votes is that some reviews may be written by buyers who received free or discounted items from sellers in exchange for their glowing reviews. Since these reviews are not considered unbiased opinions and often lack detail, they do not usually receive many helpful votes from other customers who read them.

No Flagging System

Finally, because Amazon does not provide a way for customers to flag suspicious activity or upvote reviews that are more accurate and helpful than others, some reviewers may feel discouraged from leaving their honest opinion about a product if they think it will get lost among all the noise created by dishonest or spam reviews.

How to Edit Your Reviews

  1. To begin, customers should log in to their Amazon account and navigate to the product page for which they wrote the review.
  2. Once there, they should scroll down until they find their review and click the “Edit” button below it.
  3. This will take them to a separate page where they can edit or delete their review as needed.

Can Amazon Helpful Votes Boost Your Sales?

Amazon has put in place a “Most helpful” filter, which allows customers to quickly view products that have been voted the most helpful by other shoppers. Being featured in this section could increase sales since it acts as a form of free marketing for the product.

More Votes Impact Sales

The increase in sales associated with helpful votes may also depend on how many votes the product has received. For example, reviews with five or more helpful votes are more likely to appear higher in search results than reviews with fewer than five helpful votes, giving them a better chance of being seen by potential buyers.

Specific Products Get More Orders

Furthermore, certain types of products may benefit from having more helpful votes than others; items such as electronics and tech gadgets tend to require more detailed information when making purchasing decisions and, therefore, may need more positive reviews before customers feel confident enough to buy them.

Enhanced Visibility Boost Revenue

Finally, increased visibility from more helpful votes could increase sales if the positive review content provides valuable information about the purchased item. As such, sellers need to ensure that their products receive high-quality reviews from customers who have used them so that these valuable opinions can be easily shared with other shoppers.

How Do I Increase My Helpful Votes on Amazon?

Submit Accurate Information

  • You must ensure that the product description, images, and other information are as accurate and detailed as possible.
  • Customers should also be encouraged to leave honest opinions about the products they purchase.
  • This can help improve customer trust and loyalty and give potential buyers more confidence in the product’s quality.

Use the Share Feature

  • You should use Amazon’s “Share” feature by encouraging customers to share positive reviews with their friends and family.
  • This will increase the number of helpful votes on the product and improve its overall visibility and create more potential customers interested in making a purchase.

Offer Discounts and Incentives

  • You should consider offering incentives such as discounts or rewards for customers who leave helpful reviews or upvote existing ones.
  • Respond promptly to negative reviews so customers feel their feedback is valued.
  • This could turn the situation around, increase helpful votes, and improve customer satisfaction in the long run.

How Do I Dispute a Rating on Amazon?

Though it is only sometimes possible to remove buyer feedback or ratings on Amazon, you may be able to dispute them if they believe the input needs to be more accurate or more consistent with Amazon’s guidelines. This can be done by submitting an A-to-Z Guarantee claim within 90 days of the customer’s purchase.

Things to Consider Before Submitting a Claim

  • When submitting a dispute, sellers should provide evidence that shows why they believe the feedback should be removed.
  • This could include copies of payment confirmations, invoices, or other records that prove their claims.
  • You should clearly explain their reasons for disputing the feedback to increase the chances that Amazon will take action.

What Happens Next?

If successful, Amazon may remove the customer’s review and also issue a refund for their purchase. However, it should be noted that even if a dispute is successful, the original reviewer will still have access to their initial review and may choose to repost it at any time.

Therefore, you must always remain professional and resolve customer disputes promptly to minimize negative ratings and reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove a helpful vote on Amazon?

It is not possible to remove helpful votes from Amazon reviews. However, sellers may be able to dispute them if they believe the feedback is inaccurate or violates Amazon’s feedback guidelines by submitting an A-to-z Guarantee claim.

Does Amazon delete negative reviews?

No, Amazon does not delete negative reviews. However, sellers may be able to dispute them if they believe the feedback is inaccurate or violates Amazon’s guidelines by submitting an A-to-z Guarantee claim.

Why do ratings disappear on Amazon?

Ratings can disappear on Amazon for a variety of reasons, including if the product has been removed from its catalog or if it has been flagged for violating Amazon’s policies. Additionally, ratings may be released if suspected of being fraudulent or spam. Finally, reviews and ratings can be removed if resolved through an A-to-z Guarantee claim between the seller and customer.

Concluding Thoughts

Ultimately, taking the time to carefully curate customer reviews and ensure that only honest opinions are shared with potential customers can be a great way to maximize sales and provide an excellent experience for shoppers.



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